Tuesday, September 29, 2015

End of Windows Phone

Finally last Lumia I owned the 820 model stopped working. Initially it was Lumia 620 which started having a battery draining problem soon after a software update (don't really know which update, but hey it's Windows and it is common). Now its Lumia 820, touch screen cracked, got it replaced but then it stopped responding in just 24 hours. Ironically soon after applying the Software Update. I am not the only one, My friend owns Lumia 720, he is also having similar issues with touch screen, it just stops responding in between. The problem for him also started soon after a software update.

What's really bad about Windows Phone? There seems to be no way to backup your phone on your desktop. If you don't have data plan and you don't frequently connect to Wi-Fi, be prepared for Loss Of Data.  Lost all my contacts. Thank you Microsoft.

Changing all my phones to Android Powered Smart Phones. Yeh, people say it has security problems, but the truth is I have not seen any of my friend complaining about their Android powered phones in last 4-5 years. Heard a lot, about issues on Lumia range though.

Another good reason to switch to Android is Android phones are relatively in-expensive and it's an important factor too. Secondly there are many models available to choose from. App availability wise also it beats Windows Phone.

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