Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Blog Clients Frustration

Today's day is really a frustating day for me. Except for Windows Live Writer I found none of the following mentioned blog clients are working with I think all of them are using old blogger API.

  1. w.blogger
  2. Windows live writer
  3. BlogDesk
  4. Qumana blog editor
  5. SharpMT
  6. BottomLine
  7. Bleezer
  8. Zoundry
  9. Post2Blog Express
  10. Semagic
  11. PostXing
  12. dotPost
    One more strange from was noticed with IE 7 browser. Navigating to my site was always prompting the Save file dialog. FireFox shows the page as expected.

Oh I forgot to talk about web based blog editor from blogger. It's also not that great and seems to be buggy too.

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Randy said...

FWIW, SharpMT was designed to work with MovableType and TypePad. That it works with WordPress is an unexpected bonus. The truth is that NO blog engine uses the Blogger or MetaBlog API in it's "original" form - they all have add-ons to it (including MT) which is why there's no "perfect" blog writer... even if you conform to the lowest common API, the engine may or may not like it and you miss out on all the specific features your select engine may offer.

Total screw up, IMHO.

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